e-Invoicing Solutions

Increasingly companies and governments are looking to remove paper and manual work from their invoice processing. Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, enables the digital exchange of documents between buyers and sellers. All paper is removed from the process bringing significant cost and efficiency savings.

Our e-invoicing solutions enable companies to trade more efficiently with their entire supply chain, digitising the quote-order-invoice process for both trade and non-trade goods. Depending on the volume of trade and types of documents, we offer a range of EDI solutions and can also provide custom integrations when needed.

EDI e-invoicing

We are one of the leading EDI e-invoicing service providers in the UK. For your high volume trading partners, our hosted and fully managed EDI PLUS service connects you using any message format or communications protocol without either party needing to change their system. Once connected, you can exchange a range of trade documents including orders, delivery notes, goods receipt notices, and invoices which are pre-validated and piped straight into your ERP or accounting system.

e-invoicing supplier portal

Onboarding the "supplier tail" for electronic ordering and invoicing is a common problem for many retailers. EDI PLUS provides a web portal and onboarding service to enable those suppliers who issue a relatively low number of invoices to view their purchase orders, and create shipping notes and invoices with minimal keying. The result is that the customer achieves the highest possible levels of EDI compliance, and suppliers can avoid integrating with their own ERP system if it is not cost-justifiable.

e-invoicing - why now

Over the last few years, the adoption of e-invoicing has really picked up pace. We believe that over the next five years this will have a major impact on supply chains.  Many of the initial hurdles to adoption can now be overcome with the help of hosted EDI solutions and a flexible e-invoicing partner. Companies who have avoided electronic integration until now, should definitely start to evaluate the benefits it can bring. EDI PLUS can help.

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Choosing an e-invoicing provider

Once you decide to switch to electronic invoicing, getting maximum participation across your supply chain will be a key success factor. Choosing the right solution provider can make a big difference in ensuring the majority of your suppliers can integrate with you in the most cost effective way. 

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