What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is an open business network which enables government organisations and private companies to exchange electronic documents over a European wide network. In the UK, the NHS is currently driving the adoption of PEPPOL. Across Europe, PEPPOL is now being used more widely for public sector e-procurement activities.

PEPPOL is a set of open and interoperable technical specifications across purchase-to-pay (P2P) business processes and consists of three parts:

  • Network – known as PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure
  • Legal framework – known as PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements
  • Document Specifications – known as PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS)

Standard PEPPOL documents are:

  • Catalogues
  • Orders
  • Despatch Advices
  • Invoices 

How does it work?

PEPPOL enables access to its network through accredited Access Points. All Access Points interoperate so that existing e-procurement and e-invoicing solutions become interconnected; only one connection to PEPPOL is ever required. A single addressing mechanism ensures that all traffic is routed to the correct organisation across multiple Access Points.

EDI PLUS are proud to be a certified Access Point to the PEPPOL network and are PEPPOL-compliant.

EDI Plus are proud to be a PEPPOL Access Point certified provider

Why choose EDI PLUS?

  • Fully managed, hosted service
  • Flexible any-to-any solutions
  • Very high customer satisfaction
  • 20+ years’ industry experience
  • Clear, transparent pricing
  • All data held within the UK
  • UK-based customer support

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PEPPOL Access Point

Do you need to access the PEPPOL network but don't know where to start?  EDI PLUS are a certified PEPPOL Access Point.