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Thank you for visiting our website. We want to tell you about the information we might record about your use of our website, how that information is used by us, and how you can control whether we can store it or not.


We can’t personally identify you using the data available from your visit to our website.

We won’t share any information we do collect with other companies or organisations for any purposes whatsoever, and we don’t pass on your details to any other websites.

When you access our website, we may collect certain limited data about your visit, as follows:

  • Anything you type in on a contact page, including the name and email address you enter (so that we can respond to your enquiry)
  • Which web browser you use (so that we can optimise the site for relevant web browsers)
  • Your IP address and information about how you navigate around the site (to help us improve the effectiveness of the website for visitors)


With your permission, we would like to use cookies to collect statistical data about accesses to our website. We do not collect information identifying any individual. The information held in the cookies is used to provide you with a more tailored service and to help us improve our website.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer’s hard drive. These cookies are used to hold information such as the time of the visit, whether the visitor has been to the website before, and what website referred the visitor to the web page. cookies will also contain limited information about the computer being used to access the website, such as its IP address, operating system and the type of web browser.

If you agree to our use of cookies as outlined here, we record that in a cookie, and will also use cookies for web traffic analysis as described below.

You can choose to accept or reject all, or individual, cookies, without affecting your use of our website.

You will find information about how to change the cookie settings for your web browser in it’s help section.

Web traffic analysis tools help website owners understand how visitors engage with their website, and the cookies track visitor interactions with a website. For example, we can see statistics on which pages of our website are accessed most, (or least), and whether the page is closed quickly or perhaps read for longer. The IP address may also be stored, which can indicate the country from which the access was made, or the ISP or company to whom that IP address range is registered.

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  • All data held within the UK
  • UK-based customer support

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