You'll find PHS products in the washrooms of businesses up and down the UK. Those businesses rely on PHS daily to ensure their facilities stay in top condition. Managing things like washrooms, safety and waste disposal can be a time consuming task. That’s why  over 200,000 organisations work with PHS to provide them with expert hygiene services.

We provide EDI services for the exchange of electronic orders, invoices and credits between PHS and their trading partners.


“EDI PLUS always provides a highly professional service, with a personalised approach to tackling support issues. EDI mapping tasks are always developed well ahead of project deadlines.”
Stuart Bates, Programme Manager, PHS Group

EDI PLUS is approved to exchange electronic documents to and from HMRC on behalf of our clients.

The EDI documents we send to HMRC are:

  • P11D &P11Db
  • P46(Car)
  • RTI:-
    • FPS - Full Payment Submission
    • EPS - Employer Payment Submission
    • EAS - Employer Alignment Submission
    • EYU - Earlier Year Update
    • NVREQ - National Insurance Number Verification (NINO) request

The EDI documents that we receive from HMRC are:

  • P6
  • P6B
  • P9
  • SL1 & 2 – Student Loan
  • RTI:-
    • NVREP - National Insurance Number Verification (NINO) Reply
    • GEN - Generic Notification

EDI PLUS will also be supporting HMRC and our clients in the use of the FBI Gateway when required. If you need to exchange any documents electronically with HMRC, contact us to find out how we can help.

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